Affordable Higher Education

Mount William University has a goal of making higher education in-reach for students who cannot afford to get a quality higher education with tuition fees, transportation expenses and time and location restraints. Online education solve these problems and online education is comparatively less expensive than regular college or university education but still there are some students who cannot afford to get higher education because of limited resources.

Scholarships and financial assistant from educational institutions can help these students is fulfilling their dreams and for getting an education that was not affordable for them. In this regard, Mount William University is collaborating with different financial institutions and charitable organizations to raise money for students who have the talent and passion for getting higher education but lack the resources to afford it.

Scholarship Program

Our international scholarship program is for all deserving students and it is one of the biggest scholarship grant offered by our university. It is granted to students who have extraordinary educational background, educational achievement to show for their competence and to students who lack the resources to afford higher education at the Mount William University.

This scholarship is offered to students on the basis of merit and performance and all applicants applying for an admission at the Mount William University are eligible to apply for this scholarship program. Students can apply for this scholarship program while applying for admission and their educational records and achievements will be judged by our experts who choose the deserving students following well-planned criteria. Applicants can apply now for admission and for our prestigious international scholarship program online.


Have a look at what our successful International
Scholarship grantees have to say about Us


I can proudly tell everyone that I got selected for the international scholarship program at the Mount William University and it helped me complete my Master’s degree program. Due to lack of monetary resources, I could not afford to get higher education, but thanks to Mount William University scholarship, I completed my degree program.

Connor Frost Master's Degree Holder


Scholarships are the best things for needy students as they get a chance to complete their education and have a bright future without getting trapped in educational loans. I am so thankful to Mount William University for granting me international scholarship and now I am completing my Doctorate program without worrying about my educational expenses.

Maria Boyle Doctorate Program Student