Mount William University Conducted a Workshop for Business Grads and Undergrads on Managerial Negotiations

Mount William University (MWU) consistently makes efforts to present ideas for enhancing business and corporate practices and trains business grads and undergrads accordingly. To better accomplish such efforts, MWU recently organized and successfully conducted a workshop on Managerial Negotiations. The workshop lasted 2-days and was attended by MWU’s MBA grads and undergrads as well as by top-notch business professionals, who religiously follow the best managerial negotiation practices.

Mr. John, Senior Business Development Officer of a reputed firm, talked about the implication of diverse theories and practices relevant to managerial negotiations in the business genre. He thoroughly guided the attendees on enhancing negotiation practices and how they can develop effective skills for effectively dealing various real world scenarios. He further highlighted that how we can learn negotiation skills from our colleagues by pondering upon how they dealt in different situations with their peers. Mr. John further shared his real-world experiences and how he managed distinct scenarios with his negotiating abilities.

A number of top-notch professionals from business genre addressed the attendees and shared their experiences, when they effectively utilized their managerial negotiation skills. The major focus of the workshop was to make the fact evident that 30% of learned theory works well when there is a need to negotiate being a manager, whereas 70% of the skills are inborn or learned after practicing and observing other’s negotiation skills. They also discussed that how managers can revolve day to day basic work issues through their exceptionally sharp negotiation skills that includes service level agreements, amendments in department deadlines, budgets and resources.

Dean of Business Administration Department, presented real-world cases to the attendees and asked them to come up with their very own solutions. In this way, they were able to better evaluate their negotiation skills. Participants were easily able to analyze the challenges and their skill level. Grads and undergrads liked the concept and were satisfied with the session conducted by MWU.

All the participants were presented a CD that included all the relevant guidelines to foster managerial negotiation skills.