Mount William University Joins Hands with Prominent Organizations Globally to Aid their Grads in Acquiring Real-World Experience

Mount William University (MWU) has recently signed partnership with top-reputed organizations of the world, so that they can assist their fresh graduates in acquiring real-world knowledge and experience. MWU’s partner employers will help their graduates to learn how to apply their acquired knowledge in their domain practically and improve career prospects.

As per the signed partnership with the prominent firms, MWU’s fresh graduates will be appointed on internship for a period of 3-6 months. In this way they will get a chance to enter the corporate world, learn new concepts, implement learned skills and explore future opportunities. Once the grads will connect with the corporate sector, they will also learn about the needs, demands and challenges their respective domain has to offer.

During the internship, Mount William University’s fresh grads will also be given a chance to interview their respective organization’s President, Founder, CEO, Managers and other senior level executives. This will help them to learn from them and set their goals. These interviews will definitely serve as a motivating factor for them, as how they overcome different hassles and obstacles to achieve their ambition. Thus, MWU’s grads will learn to move ahead in their career, lead and inspire. Their unique experiences will help fresh graduates to choose the right path for themselves and make informed decisions. Moreover, based on their performance during internship, their employer might offer a permanent job in the respective genre that definitely will be the first step towards success.

Mount William University’s main focus is to enhance career prospects of its students, which it accomplishes by offering career-relevant degree programs, inducting highly qualified faculty and consistently updating the curriculum as per the market trends. This initiative is another significant effort by MWU for its students and fresh graduates.