Finance Your Education

Plan your educational expenses and financing with Mount William University. We offer high standard online education that is globally recognized and accredited, at an affordable cost. We do not just offer affordable fee plans but we also offer different financing assistance to our students which makes educational financing easier and affordable for them.

Applicants can learn about all the financial assistance options and scholarship programs offered at our university and can also discuss their educational financing option with our consultants before planning their educational finances. Our consultants will guide you regarding all possible financing assistance options.


Pay in Installments

Students can pay their total program
tuition fee in two easy installments.


Modular Payment

You can pay tuition fee for each module
when you enroll in for it.


Alumnus Discount

If you are an alumnus, you get discount in
tuition fee for further studies.


Veterans Discount

Discounts & benefits for veterans and
their family members.


Referral Program

Successfully refer a student and get
discount in your tuition fee.


Lump sum Payment

Pay total amount at once and get
discount in your tuition fee.

Career Track

Our students do not just graduate, they plan their career with us

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