MWU faculty are the driving force behind our career-focused online degree programs

Don’t just take our words. Our University has been recognized globally, as one of the world’s top universities and have been acknowledged by leading institutions and organizations. Mount William University enjoys a prominent and strong position in many major rankings list, nationally and internationally.

Awards and high rankings for academic rigor, innovation and online education are among some of the University’s touchstones of excellence. Mount William University has been consistently receiving recognition for its outstanding academic offerings and career support.

Meet the Mount William University Faculty

John Ferrell


Head of Applied Arts

Rosa Lopez

Distinguished Professor

School of Applied Arts

Colleen Mello

Professorial Lecturer

School of Applied Arts

Rochelle Wheeler

Professorial Lecturer

School of Applied Arts

Janet Schuster

Associate Professor

School of Applied Arts

Melissa Andre

Assistant Professor

School of Applied Arts

Alice Waters

Assistant Professor

School of Applied Arts

Susan R. Williams

Assistant Professor

School of Applied Arts

Our Awards & Recognitions

Faculty Lectureship Award

Mount William University has received Faculty Lectureship Award 2018-19 for excellence in Research. Through our research work and a career-long record of contributions we have made a major impact on the discipline.

Professor Award for Teaching

MWU has been awarded Professor Award for Teaching 2018-19 for making extra-ordinary contributions towards teaching. Moreover, Mount William University has made it easier for students to learn new things outside the traditional classrooms.

Faculty Award for Mentorship

Mount William University has been awarded Faculty Award for Mentorship 2017-18 for making outstanding contributions through mentoring of students that takes place outside of a traditional teaching.


Faculty at the Mount William University is extremely diverse. We have carefully gathered a team of teachers and educators from all around the world to provide our students with the best educational opportunities. Our faculty members are highly qualified and experienced. We have faculty members from different countries of the world 110 to be exact. Our diverse faculty represents our mission of providing equal educational and career opportunities to students and professionals from all around the world, without any discrimination.


PhD Faculty Members


Post-Graduate Teachers


Female Faculty Members


Total Faculty Members